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Introduction to Buffycast. We present a short promo introducing ourselves and describing our show.
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  • Dearest Revello, I\\\'m going to be lame and leave a comment on every episode page, lol. For that is how i roll... Anywho, i was greatly excited to have found this buffycast way back when....*bout a month ago*. I love it. I listen to it every night before i nod off in bed. I was also happy to hear the song from \\\"Hush\\\" used as your opening credit. :-) so long and goodnight... so long and goodnight...

    posted by: The Lonely Slayer on 2007-10-20 04:00:00

  • Dearest Revello, Post. Script. I do hope that when your show returns you will be able to discuss the new 8th season of Buffy that Joss has cooked up for us. I know it\\\'s not the television show anymore, but it\\\'s still Joss worthy. A very good read indeed. :-D so long and goodnight...

    posted by: The Lonely Slayer on 2007-10-20 04:06:00

  • For those interested in such things, I have created a simple RSS feed to show activity on these BuffyCast blogs/forums:

    posted by: Professor on 2006-04-01 20:14:00

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