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This is our first full episode, in which we discuss Welcome to the Hellmouth and the Harvest and respond to our first email!
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  • Hi, i just discovered this podcast today and am refreshed to hear discussion about issues in Buffy, rather than just an episode by episode commentary that inevitably boils down to \"Oh, I just LOVE the moment when...\" however many times we may have conversations like that. Phew, long opening line. Anyway, i don\'t know how valuable writing on the board of a podcast made four years ago is going to be but what the heck. 2 points struck me about the points you made: 1) Like The Lonely Slayer above, I can\'t believe how little thought I\'ve put into how quickly Xander and Willow get over Jesse - it\'s jokes all round the night after they dust a best friend. 2) The whole souls/demons infection/take over thing has always seemed a loose complex in Buffy really giving the license to let the writers do whatever they need to. Most vampires are characterless monsters who seem to just want to feed on blood. They dress badly, have no money and are always in game face. Then there are vamps like Darla who seem to show obvious character traits from when they were human (how similar is Darla on her death-bed from the flash-back in the Angel episode \"Darla\" to the Darla vampire?), show real emotional connection to one another (Spike and Dru) and have money and fine clothes (Angelus). Why is it that if you\'re from Britain or really old you\'re automatically an awesome vamp with character while all the others are such total demonic losers? Some are pitifully pathetic, like the one human Darla tries to pick up to turn her into a vampire in the Angel episode \"The Trial\". Is the idea there that the demon personality inside him is actually a complete dork, or is that his human precusor shining through? What about Angel. Flashbacks from episodes like \"Amends\" make him look like a drunken lout (closer to Spike than Angelus) but then he quickly becomes a Hannibal-Lector style killing-is-my-art-form kinda guy, while tender, thoughtful William becomes drunken reveller Spike. Here the character of the demon seems very different to the human before. All in all, this demon inhabiting the body thing has always seemed loose allowing the writers the license to do whatever they want for whichever scenario they need. Anyway, looking forward to hearing the rest of the podcasts and i will almost certainly ramble some more after those as well.

    posted by: Steerpike on 2009-04-13 10:43:00

  • this is some good stuff just finished listening to ep 8 after watching 8 in a row

    posted by: Spuffy the bangel on 2006-07-18 04:55:00

  • Dearest Revello, This was in fact an excellent episode. Although i am no stranger to buffy forums, it is truly an entirely different experience to be able to actually \"hear\" somebody discuss the many buffy themes and also to hear the varying imputs of the other listeners. As a debut episode, i found it to be very thought provoking. I have a deep long lasting love for BUFFY but have never really been the big thinker into the things that your show discusses. I find it to be very valuable and appreciate it very much. The idea of Joss asking the audience to \"suspend belief\" had never really occured to me. And as i began to think about it more, i really started to think....\"Yeah. Why wasn\'t Xander crying over his best friend who JUST DIED!?\" lol. 10 years too late to be asking that i know, lol. Anyways...it\'s late. I\'m tired. Once again, great show. Love it very mucho. I\'ve only listened to eps 1-8 & 13. I\'m going to go listen to ep 9 right now as ur melodic voice lulls me peacefully to sleep. ha! :-D g\'nite and take care buffycast! so long and goodnight...

    posted by: The Lonely Slayer on 2007-10-20 04:07:00

  • Thank you, I have just discovered your podcast and I am encouraged by what i have heard so far. I have been listening to another that was far more juvenile and also tinged with homophobia. I am going to listen to all the podcasts to get caught up in the next few days. I will let you know what I think. After just the first two, I think that a co-host is needed, someone to bounce ideas off of.

    posted by: Jeff on 2006-04-18 23:24:00

  • Just a short note to say I enjoyed your podcasts and reflections on buffy. Thanks

    posted by: buffy5451 on 2006-06-02 23:13:00

  • I have just found your podcast and have only been able to listen to 1 and 2 so far...but what a refreshing show! Like the previous poster, I have been listening to another juvenile that pretty much describes Buffy episode by episode, but since we have seen each show, obviously don\'t need a play by play--but a true discussion is wonderful. I was able to suspend disbelief enough when it came to Sunnydale being a small town--until, that is, it became a huge University town! Looking forward to the next 11 casts and hoping there will be more. I am sorry that I missed Nov. 2 of 2005, but will be sure to raise a glass on Nov. 2 this year!

    posted by: Wendy on 2006-06-21 11:43:00

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