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"Hey, Who Ordered the Hot Chicks with Superpowers?" Was Buffy's decision to share her slayer power a case of the-more-the-merrier or misery-loves-company?
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  • OK this is huge and im loving the more constructive discussion compared the big flame war i had in the past on this section but i totally believe that what buffy did was right and even neseccery. someone who i had a flame war with about it i will not name names mostly cause i forget his, said that buffys plan was stupid moronic and just plain bad and in your cast you said if Angel\'s dialogue was different it would have been better. this guy says the best plan would have been to call the iniatives to help and he did have a point seeing as his discussion was strictly about the practicality of it and not the writing and the story. But how stupid would the ending be then?? Joss said in the commentary for chosen that it was all about female impowerment and i cant help but feel that most people here think that he did that all wrong. Sure Buffy gave back them there power but was she morally right to? I dont know to tell you the truth on the one hand the world might be destroyed (what if the initiative couldn\'t come? or they couldn\'t handle it) sure she couldve had angel\'s crew help but could 2 vamps 2 slayers a bunch of potentials 2 watchers a princple an xdemon 2 nerds a witch and gunn handle all that, i dont think so and i think buffy didn\'t either thats why she sent him back. Now to the angel thing. maybe he told her about the amulet off screen after all we left when spike did. Now im going to have to enter Angel\'s show to delve deeper into this but if any of you watch it you would know how angel acquired the amulet. First question is why on earth did he trust Lilah its one thing to join an evil law firm to work from the inside thats could work in theory but an unknown amulet just gives the writers an out. It bugs the hell out of me maybe they wanted us to be surprised cause spike was too die but i was told that people who watched the original airing had a spoil when they said that spike will return to angel... ok sure spike is my favorite character but this cheapens the ending BIG time. Now i better stop because i can go on forever with wolfram and hart (what were there plans with spike???) but thats not what this 1s about. I think its mostly a testimate to joss\' genius to have so many loose ends and have me not care about 1 because in the end it ended on a good note. But the main issue here is the future and what will it hold for the buffyvers? just watch Angel season 5 episode damage to see the bad but what about the good?? someone said that even though the montage of the girls getting the powers was good it showed that they were weak without it... hate to say it but thats one of the sucky parts of this reality there are real horrors that would make Glory or the first or any of the buffy villians look like telletubbies. Rapists pedyphiles (SP?) slave owners (sad but true) we got evil dictators who have loads of missle systems and no indication what they intend to do with them... my favorite show 24 deals with terrorism and that show scares me more than buffy or angel ever could i wouldn\'t mind a bunch of slayers working with CTU might make Jack Bauers life easier.

    posted by: Spuffy the Bangel on 2006-07-18 05:40:00

  • The theory of a slayer civil war is explored in the Buffy novel Queen of the Slayers. It delves into fascinating areas of a slyer vs. slayer dynamic, namely Buffy dealing with her decision. If you have the time and don\'t mind reading a Whedon-free Buffy-verse then you should check it out. Also, the idea that someone was hunting potentials and there being more is plausible only because there are constantly more potentials in every generation

    posted by: Read Buffy on 2006-02-17 18:36:00

  • While admitedly not explicitly stated I\'ve thought that the Empowerment montage and surrounding dialog made it seem as if on some unconscious level every girl who *wanted* the power, got the power. Remember that the magic Willow used to make this happen was pure as emblemized by her hair turning white. I would think that only dark magic could force things upon someone against their will and that white magic requires the recipients\' acceptance. This idea, of course, only potentially lessens the notion that slayerhood was forced on the potentials. It does not deal with the issue of whether or not it was wise to create that many slayers.

    posted by: buffylovr on 2006-03-03 16:09:00

  • I think you raise an excellent point about the color of Willow\'s hair as she unlocks the power of the Slayers, however, I think it is less about acceptance of the power as it is about the true origins of the power being pure. While what the Shadowmen did was certainly wrong, I personally interpreted (and this is what makes Buffy great, the many different interpretations) Willow\'s change of hair as ascribing the way the Slayer has over the years have converted something originally selfish and malevolent into something about girl power and strength. Essentially what I\'m saying is that while it\'s origins are in darkness, it\'s the way you use the power that counts, as the power itself is essentially pure. The Shadowmen used it in a dark way, Buffy uses it (most of the time, and overall) in a good way. As far as the darkness consuming a slayer and stealing her ability to love, I felt it was more of the burden of being the only Slayer and dealing with that responsibility that caused Buffy to become hardened, as opposed to the actual power itself being the cause. And even as we could see, Buffy did manage to love Spike, what kind of love being debatable. With the slayer power ascribed to many, Buffy is relieved of that burden and can focus more on love and her life, as we saw in the final Angel episodes. There will always be good and evil in everyone, whether they are a slayer or not, so similar early-Faith-like slayers are sure to come, as are Kendra-like slayers on the opposite spectrum.

    posted by: forLorne on 2006-03-07 18:00:00

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