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"Mr. Spike, Dr. Freud Will See You Now" Spike takes a seat on the couch as we explore just what it is this fool for love is looking for. This show references seasons 2-7.
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  • loved the cast spikes my favorite character and his arc is the best. Its what Angel\'s missing on his show and well he cant be on both and season 5 fixed that up nicely. ill talk about each of spikes love Mom: i havent thought much about her but i think i agree she was the catalyst for how spike became who he is Drusilla: She was his everything but when it comes to Dru its impossible to say for certain how she felt of course there was some love as you said in the cast from what the judge said to them. But she did it with Angel right in front of him talk about insane. Harmony: she was nothing but a joke and Spike simply used her nothing more Buffy: I LOVE Spike and Buffy\'s realationship i mean before he loved her he certaintely was obsessed with her. Sorry for the extremely lame pun but spike had a chip in his head long before the initiative showed up and its called love. I think in some small way he had some sort of feelings for her way back in season 2 not saying it was love at first sight. But i think he was in denial i mean Dru saw right through him and knew if u remember fool for love. It wasn\'t to get Dru away from Angel. If that was the case he could have just knocked her out and drove out without even going to buffy but i think if it wasnt love exactly than it was like someone else said her about wanting to stick to angelus. First thing he does when hes corpreal in season 5 Angel was grab Harmony for some sex sure it wasn\'t Buffy but the next best thing.

    posted by: Spuffy the Bangel on 2006-07-18 06:31:00

  • This is unrelated to the actual show, but i was wondering why your name is revello. Isn\'t that the name of the street that buffy lives on? Anyway, just curious.

    posted by: Luke on 2006-02-19 23:24:00

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