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"W Heart T" As we researched this episode, we were astonished to learn that a few good things did in fact happen to Willow and Tara. That's sure not what we remember.
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  • I think for all intense purposes Tara is not the token \"weak\" character. She is actually one of the strongest. I admit this conclusion took further inspection of the series and many many long weekends of going through Buffy, but the hard work was worth it. I believe (especially in a pschological sense) that Willow is the weak link in their relation (RIP). Willow is trying to not only prove to others but herself that she is strong...that she is different than mousy Willow in high school (which is alluded to in the season 4 finale w/ the dream of the ripping Willow\'s new disguise and revealing what we all know...she is the same person she was before, and the reference from Willow or actually Dark Willow when she was taking about Willow being a junk for power and her mousy ways. Sorry for the run on. Back to the topic at hand. Before I explore anymore let me say Willow was always my favorite character but after reviewing the series I have to say not so much. I feel in hindsight that Buffy never tried to prove how powerful she was, at times she ran away from that power/responsibility (literally in Anne)...Tara like Buffy was born into this power...Willow became obsess with the portrayal of power not the wielding capacity to understand and respect it (ironically until the last season). On your podcasting of this topic you said something that sent chills through my spine. You said was Willow grieving because she lost Tara or she lost a possession? I think by losing something so indefinite...she was as helpless as she was before in highschool and in essense she was grieving but trying to seek revenge for her own insecurity. Isn\'t it ironic how she sucks power but rarely channels it from inside herself?

    posted by: Kwesi Robertson on 2006-01-20 11:14:00

  • i lovw willow

    posted by: tarek on 2006-03-01 11:14:00

  • I agree that Andrew never paid for killing Jonathon, and Giles never paid for killing Ben. Did Willow ever *really* pay for killing Warren? Did Spike ever pay for attempting to rape Buffy (or did that not need penance?) I mean he fought for a soul; was that alone his penance?

    posted by: online sweepstakes on 2010-06-04 03:05:00

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